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Providing environmental manufacturers with busbars or machined components.

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From Strength To Strength

Established in 1973, Velden has steadily grown and is now widely regarded as one of the best sub-contract facilities offering total engineering solutions within the UK. The company was started by our Chairman, Alex Kitchen and two other partners. They quickly built a reputation for best practice, quick response, quality and reliability and the business flourished until the recession in the early 1990’s, during which Alex bought the shares of the other two partners and became the sole driving force of the business. His son Austin joined the company around the Millenium and now that Alex has stepped down from day to day activities, Austin is now moving the company forward in a new, dynamic way.

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Virtual Factory Tour

Take a Virtual Tour Of the Velden Factory

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Why Choose Velden?

Trading in excess of forty years, our expertise within diverse industry sectors plus our knowledge of conventional and exotic materials is unprecedented. Able to supply precision engineering from prototype to volume production, our flexibility allows us to offer a varied service to suit any requirements in customer demand.


Simple components to complex assemblies and turn-key projects are all within our capability. Innovative and progressive, we consistently invest in new technology and cost saving systems to improve our efficiency and reduce our impact on the environment.


Quality & Reliability

Winner of the EMEA PGBU 2015 Supplier Of The Year award by the Cummins Group for on time, first time delivery.

40 Years + Proven Track Record

Forty years proves our stability and credibility within the industry.

Quick Response

Flexible and adaptable to meet your needs.

Advanced Systems & Technology

Working towards being a true Industry 4.0 Smart Factory with the latest IT hardware and it’s own ‘Vmans’ in-house developed advanced ERP software.

Dedicated to Delivering QualityEngineered Solutions On Time

Engineering Knowledge

Engineering Knowledge From An Empowered Workforce

What We Can Do For You

On-time machined components and assemblies in a wide range of metals including stainless steels, duplex, monel, titanium, hastelloy, cast iron and aluminium/bronze.

What We Can Do For You

Widely regarded as the UK’s best one-stop subcontract facility, Velden Engineering established more than forty years ago supplies many industry sectors with high quality, competitively priced products.

Lowest Total Costs

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership Supply

Open Book Supply Partnerships

Open Book Supply Partnerships

Simplified Produrement

Simplified Procurement

Prototype to high volume production

Prototype To High Volume Production

Investment Opportunity

Investment From Opportunity

New Product Design

New Product Design Assistance